With over 35 years of experience in this industry, we continue to hold the privilege of helping our clients design and build their homes. We are grateful for the trust that you continually give us and we repay this gratitude by delivering professional, time-efficient high quality residential design and build services.

Our clients range from business owners, home-improvement enthusiasts and new homeowners as well. We offer innovative remodeling and renovation, new construction, and a complete line of professional and time efficient residential design and build services.

Exquisite Design and Build

Titus Contracting focuses on two main principles: aesthetics and practicality. Each of our residential projects displays artisan-crafted finishes, exquisitely appointed interiors from the market, the finest design-build professionals and an overall quality industry experience. Our goal is to provide you with the newest design trends while complementing your lifestyle.

Our team of contractors are not only experienced and skilled, but also possess a keen eye on what’s visually pleasing and exquisite to the eyes. We will make sure your new property is not only built for function, but designed for visual appeal, as well.

Practicality and Function

But more than an exquisite residential design and build, we make sure each element of our design and our plan performs a function that is crucial to your family’s wellbeing, your needs and your lifestyle. From the kitchen to the family room, the den to the basement, every part serves a function and helps to make your daily life easier.

We champion innovative design and always make it a point to address our clients’ needs and provide them with a practical solution. We have a team of talented builders and craftsmen who enjoy thinking creatively and out of the box to give you high-functioning design elements.

The Importance of Teamwork

Should you have a plan or a vision on how you want your house to look and function, we are open to collaborative work. We would like it more if you will work with us from the conceptualization to the implementation of the plan.

This collaborative approach allows us to provide our clients with an outcome that is close to their vision and to their hearts. Our goal is to help you create a living space for you and your loved ones. We can do this more efficiently together; so talk to us with your residential design and build plan, and we will work on it together, step by step.

We are also open to commercial clients who are looking for professional commercial remodeling services. We offer a full array of general construction services including interior and retail build-outs, commercial renovation and construction management.