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Whether it’s a retail build out of an individual store or remodeling a much larger area in Bloomington MN, Titus Contracting Inc can give you a customized plan to meet every one of your needs.

What Titus Contracting Can Do for Your Bloomington MN Retail Facility

Since you want to keep your costs to a minimum, and we have less overhead than larger companies, you get the best possible service at a lower cost. This doesn’t mean you won’t get the best materials and products, though. Our industry experience and skill allow us to give you the best results to help you improve your Bloomington retail center’s bottom line.

We also know that Bloomington businesses want their construction projects completed with minimal disruption. Titus Contracting’s experience and flexibility help accomplish these goals, as our team understands your needs. Crew size and schedules will be tailored to your project, so it’s complete as quickly as possible without interrupting business or causing customers or clients to be inconvenienced.

Good Communication for Successful Bloomington Retail Build-Outs

Our complete satisfaction is our No. 1 goal. And we’ll do whatever necessary to win it.

We know that a good commercial build-out job depends on communication between our team and the client. That’s why we listen and implement your needs and expectations while keeping the communication lines open during the scope of the project. If you ever need to reach a member of our team, we’ll never be more than a phone call away.

Big commercial construction projects are in! There are many commercial construction projects taking place in Bloomington and all around the Twin Cities Metro. Titus Contracting has been involved in some of these new construction and remodeling projects. We’re happy to see the trends moving toward larger projects. If you have a large-scale remodeling project, don’t hesitate to contact us. No job is too big!

We will keep you up on:Large-scale commercial construction projects in Bloomington MN

* Recent Trends

For a while, smaller commercial construction projects had been prevalent in the industry. Titus Contracting has seen this trend over the past five years or so. During the recession, businesses cut back on projects that they didn’t feel were a necessity. Some businesses were even cutting back on labor, so large commercial construction projects were out of the question. However, some construction and remodeling projects just couldn’t be put off, so smaller projects prevailed.

* Growing Communities and Needs

Now things seem to be holding steady, or they’re on the upswing, so more and more business owners are willing to spend larger sums of money. Communities are growing and so is the need for large-scale commercial construction projects. Titus Contracting is happy to help local community members get the facilities they need. It’s amazing what a facelift can do for a business!

*New Builds and Remodels

Large-scale commercial constructions usually fall into two categories: new builds and remodeling projects. We have seen both types of jobs taking place throughout Bloomington and the Twin Cities Metro. There are some companies that are building a large facility from the ground up. Other business owners have chosen to stay with their current building and are doing a large-scale remodeling project instead. We are happy to help with both.

Why Titus Contracting?

We know your project is unique, and that plans and needs can change during the duration of the project scope. You’ll need a company that is comfortable and willing to adjust to these. And Titus Contracting is that company.

If you’re ready to get started with your commercial construction project in Bloomington MN, call us now at 952-746-7817 or Request a Free Estimate for your next Twin Cities Build-out.