Fall Remodeling & Renovations

Fall is a great time to work on many different commercial remodeling and improvement projects. Here are some of the most popular ones the Titus Contracting Inc one takes during this time of the year:

Retail Remodeling

Fall is the season of Thanksgiving, and the season before Christmas. If you operate a retail store, you may want to think about remodeling it to bring in extra foot traffic for these all important times. We can handle all of your retail remodeling needs, including exterior improvements, lighting, signage and creating a new flow throughout your store so customers are better able to navigate your store and find the products they want to purchase.

Build Outs

Maybe you’re getting ready to or have plans of leaving your current location. When that happens, Titus Contracting can build out your new space so you’re ready to go for the Christmas rush. We can fit your new space to your business, and will get it done so your store is ready come the holiday shopping season. These projects require experience, expertise and a working team, all of which we have. We’ll deliver the results you need.

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