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The next time you need commercial remodelers in St Paul, call the professionals at Titus Contracting.

A full-service commercial remodeling company, we can help with a variety of commercial renovation projects including:

  • Fitness centers
  • Medical offices
  • Multi-family housing remodeling
  • Retail build-outs
  • Tenant improvements
  • And more!

Call to learn more about our commercial remodelers and all we can do for you. We will schedule a time to visit your commercial property to learn more about what you are looking for. You may ask any questions that you have about our team, our company and our services. We will then get to work on a schedule and a budget, and you can rest easy knowing our team will strictly adhere to both.

You will get the commercial remodeling service you are looking for at fair and competitive pricing. We think you will be very pleased with the end results of our work. We have one of the best groups of commercial remodelers in the area and our company always does its best to ensure our team has the proper tools, equipment and knowledge to do the job right the first time.

St Paul Commercial Building Contractor

Commercial Building Contractors St PaulWhen your St Paul, MN, business begins to grow and expand beyond the allotted space in which you are working, you typically have a couple of choices – find a new location, or secure blueprints for enlarging the space and contact a commercial building contractor. If you find yourself in the latter position, this can be a great opportunity to design a space perfectly suited to your needs. However, it also means you are undertaking a monumental task – this is where working with a skilled and proven St Paul commercial building contractor, such as Titus Contracting, is a must.

When you work with reputable St Paul building contractor Titus Contracting, you can depend on us for more than merely overseeing the work. In addition to project management, we also handle:

  • Drafting a design
  • Obtaining the various building permits
  • Purchasing the needed supplies
  • Understanding and following building codes and standards
  • Being aware of any zoning regulations that affect your commercial build

Perhaps the most valuable advantage to hiring a commercial building contractor is being able to let them handle the daily responsibilities of a building project. We will be there to oversee the build and ensure the assorted experts work together to finish the job on time, and in accordance with all safety and building standards. This means more time for you to focus on continuing to build your business.

Selecting a St Paul Commercial Building Contractor

When you decide to hire a St Paul commercial building contractor to complete your project it is vital you understand what to look for, so you will get the results you need. As you interview potential commercial contracting companies, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Check the status of their state licensing.
  • Note how long they have been in business – typically, the longer the better!
  • Be sure you are clear on who is responsible for what (insurance, liability, purchases, etc.)
  • Only work with a company that has met all the standards of your state. These will vary from state to state, so take time to learn what is expected.
  • Note how the commercial building contractor interacts with you during the interview. If they aren’t listening to what you are saying about your vision for the project, then you will likely find they are not going to listen throughout the job either. Good communication is the key to a project’s success.

Time to Contact a Building Contractor in St PaulCommercial Remodelers St Paul

There are a number of commercial building contractors in St Paul, but when you contact the team at Titus Contracting, you can count on a team that is dedicated to your project and its related needs. We will be there to listen to what you want to accomplish and work with you to achieve the goal and remodeling benefits you want.

If the time has come for you to build the perfect commercial space for your business, hire us as your commercial remodelers. We manage every aspect of your project. We will design your new space, hire the subcontractors, get the construction permits and make sure the work is done properly and without any shortcuts or sacrifices.

Our crew is focused on the details. We hire the most skilled, best and brightest to be a part of our team. That means clients like you know they are getting a group of commercial remodelers who know what they are doing and will always do their best. We want to exceed your expectations in everything we do for you because—as business owners ourselves—we know how important it is for your commercial property to always look its best.

St Paul Commercial Remodelers

Are you interested in learning even more about our free consultation for commercial remodeling projects in the surrounding areas?

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