Commercial Design-Build Eagan, MN with Artisan-crafted FinishesCommercial Design Build Eagan, MN with Artisan-crafted Finishes

When you’re considering a commercial design-build in Eagan, there are many things to contemplate.

If you own a business and are considering a retail tenant build-out, a new commercial design-build Eagan project, or perhaps an upgrade to more artisan-crafted finishes, there are a few things to consider. First, it’s important to note that not only new construction is booming, build-out construction in Eagan is has become quite popular, particularly since the Minnesota Vikings organization moved their offices and training facility to Eagan. Eagan business owners know they can trust us to do excellent work at a fair price.

Build out construction can be fun to think about when you’re considering the design, layout and what you want your new space to look like. But also remember: this is a business deal. You want to work with a Minnesota General contractor like Titus Contracting who will listen to your ideas and give you honest feedback but will also keep your budget and time frame in mind when completing the project.

The City Eagan nearly doubles its Building Permit Numbers

Valuation trends for the Eagan retail, industrial, office, and multi-family property sectors look positive. Climbing commercial real estate demands, particularly office space, and increased hiring in a market area is predicted. The amount of new commercial valuation grew to 388 million.

A December 29, 2017 report by Matt M. Johnson, a career journalist at Finance & Commerce, states that “The Vikings’ new headquarters campus under construction was just one of 33 projects in the city worth over $1 million to receive building permits this year.” The article titled Eagan nearly doubles down on building permit record also discusses the remarkable increase in the number of hotel permits.

These numbers support the strength of the commercial and residential real estate values in Eagan, indicating that investing in your property will keep if grow in value. To make the process of selecting your remodeling contractor, we have prepared a list of must-ask questions for your interviewing your top potenital builders.

Common Questions When Preparing for a Commercial Design-Build Eagan ProjectCommon Questions When Preparing for a Commercial Design-Build Eagan Project

  • How do you keep your business open during the commercial operating during a design build?
  • What about your employees—do they continue in the space or do you relocate them? work while the remodeling is going on?

Then you must consider your customers; questions you should ask:

  • Where can you meet them while your office is under construction?
  • How will the space be welcoming to customers?
  • Will you be adding features that are extra to what you have now?
  • How will desicions abou decorations, paint and flooring colors be managed?
  • How will these enhance our brand?
  • What type of exterior changes are you thinking about?
  • Will the building’s exterior stay the same or update along with your commercial build out?
  • How will the commercial design build enhance the customer experience?

Things to consider for employees:

When you meet with our remodeling company team to discuss your project, we will start out by making a plan for your build-out construction. We will ask, what are you currently using your space in Eagan for, and what would you like to use it for instead? Do you need more room to store merchandise? Do you want a nicer reception area for your customers? Try to think of ways that the space could be improved to enhance your employees’ productivity and to make their work easier for them to do. Try to think of a layout that will streamline your business.

When you hire us for a commercial design-build, we will stay in constant communication with you throughout the entire process from start to finish. We take care of the hard work while you focus on what’s important to you – your business, your customers, and your employees.

Your ideas and vision for your project are important. As a remodeling contractor, we want to help you realize your vision and keep your project on budget and on schedule. Working with our commercial design team, we will craft as many of your ideas as possible into the project.

What Eagan MN General Contractor Considers in a Design Build

Titus Contracting has years of experience and focuses on two main principles when it comes to a commercial design-build — aesthetics and practicality. Each of our commercial projects displays artisan-crafted finishes and exquisitely appointed interiors; created by the finest design-build professionals, with an overall quality industry experience. Our goal is to provide you with the newest design-build trends while also considering the practicality you’re your business. Read about our Eagan Tropical Smoothie renovation.

Then we start thinking about your brand, making sure your buildout construction needs accurately reflect your brand and your public persona. For example, if you are a high-end retail store, you want to have elegant and expensive-looking features, like nice mirrors or windows or high-end furniture for your customers to sit on while they are trying on shoes or other merchandise.

A office successfully remodeled by Titus Contracting; watch our video slideshow of this Eagan remodeling project.

New Eagan MN Commercial Properties

* Hot Spot for Minnesota Vikings Office and Practice Center

According to the March 2018 article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune*, they described the old training center in Eden Prairie as “the old home was a squat warren of patchwork additions with the design charm of a 1970s basement, the new space is airy, uncluttered and Nordic.” The Minnesota Vikings chose their Eagan offices and practice facility after evaluating commercial properties in the area and are now next to the team’s partner, Twin Cities Orthopedics in the same Eagan campus.

Does your commercial property in Eagan still have the design charm of a 1970’s basement?

Commercial construction or any commercial project is an investment and building owners and managers know the daunting tasks you run into with construction projects on your business property. With any commercial design-build, updating and designing for current styles both inside and out is important. decisions along the way.

* Hot Spot for Hotel Development

According to an article published July 29, 2017, in the Pioneer Press, “Eagan, buoyed by the metro area’s only retail outlet mall and the Minnesota Vikings’ move next spring, is fast becoming a hot spot for hotel development.”

As the growth and popularity of Eagan continue to grow, keeping commercial property updated will offer a clear competitive advantage when competing for tenants or customers. Eagan is credited with offering residents and retailers an exceptional quality of life, education, leisurely events and spaces, and health factors.

The City of Eagan* is proud to promote that the city has “for the sixth time since 2006 been named to Money Magazine’s list of America’s best smaller cities to live in. In fact, it is the only Minnesota city to have been in the top 20 most livable cities in the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 biennial rankings.”

Full-Service Commercial Design-build Eagan MN Contractor

Are you looking for a commercial contractor in Eagan or surrounding areas? We are a full-service commercial renovation and remodeling company, and we are ready to tackle your next office or commercial business improvement project. In our many years in business, we have helped countless business owners get the new commercial space, design-build process while meeting your business’ goals and giving our customers what they want.

As a commercial contractor, we work on projects of all sizes. Whether you are a small practice or large Eagan commercial operation, our team can handle it! Our commercial team and our team of subcontractors are top-notch, to ensure we always offer our clients nothing but the best and highest quality work.

The appearance of your office or commercial business is what usually gives the very first impression of your business to your potential customers and employees. Ensure that your commercial design-build Eagan project makes a strong impression.

So, when you are considering a commercial remodel or a new build, it is important you find a project management company that you can trust. In our many years in business, we have helped countless business owners get the new commercial space they dreamed of. With our extensive experience, we can help you design your space, and work hard to turn your vision into a reality. We can pull together an Eagan building group that covers every aspect of your building renovation. Use maps to find a property you are interested in.

You can rest assured; your trusted design-build contractor Titus Contracting is fully licensed and insured. As a state of Minnesota commercial remodeler, we have over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge and ability to handle your commercial remodeling project. We strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations on every single job. We know the importance of deadlines, so you can depend on us for timely, reliable service.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Commercial Remodeling Services:

  • Tenant build outsBest commercial design-build Eagan MN contractor
  • Fitness center construction
  • Interior build outs
  • Retail remodeling and renovations
  • Multi-family additions and remodeling
  • Construction project management
  • Hotel Remodeling

Our work isn’t just a job; it’s our passion. We are customer-driven focused, and we believe in building lifelong working relationships with everyone we do business with. We make remodeling easy for you by also convering virtual planning, risk allocation, project control, and anything else that you ask us to look into.

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