Titus Contracting Mission and Vision Statement

Mission (Why we exist)

Our existence is fueled by the process of turning client’s construction dreams into reality. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations through good communication, cost-effective quality minded work, and follow through across a wide range of divisions including: residential, commercial, and multi-family projects. Surpassing expectations will build long-term relationships which is the heart of Titus Contracting.

Vision (How we see our future)

We will continue to build relationships through the transformation of our clients’ construction dreams into reality. We will work with passion to ensure that our projects are mutually successful for our clients, team members, business partners, and communities. Our mission is realized through being a market leader in communication, integrity, value, execution, innovation, and bringing forward thinking into our construction practices. The relationships we are building are the heart of our company. Relationships drive our mission, values, and goals in our construction ventures.

Titus Contracting is Building Lasting RelationshipsTitus Contracting is building lasting relationships

  • With our clients: we strive to exceed their expectations in quality, value, and execution while building their dreams.
  • With our team members: we are supporting an enjoyable work culture based on teamwork, diversity, integrity, and education focused on turning our team to turn their goals and dreams into reality
  • With our business partners: we are fostering partnership with clear communication, planning, and honesty.
  • With our communities: we are contributing with local economic growth using sound and sustainable business practices. We share our profits with our team members and charitable endeavors. Support small business.

We focus on people and processes to deliver a superior product to our clients. We are driving innovation, forward thinking, and technology into our processes to be a market leader in the construction industry.


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