Special Project: United Refrigeration

When United Refrigeration looked to expand its Bloomington, MN location, they reached out to Titus Contracting to be their design and build contractor of choice. Architecture is underway, and we began this tenant improvement project about a month ago. Here is a brief rundown of the improvements we will be making for this HVAC company.

We will be building out a new showroom area and office space within this large open warehouse location. New roof top units with air distribution will be part of the mechanical work and new walls and suspended ceilings will enclose the space. All new LED drop-in lights, similar to the old drop-in fluorescent lights, will make this project green by being energy efficient. New railings will be installed, which will help this property be more ADA compliant.

Titus Contracting and United Refrigeration tenant improvements

Titus Contracting will also finish the floor. A new and popular finish trend of staining or finishing exposed concrete will be used to complete the floor finish. Staining your concrete floors can enhance their looks, and thanks to the huge variety of staining options, business owners should be able to find the perfect look to enhance their building’s interior. Plus, stains mean the color will not fade or peel away. Then the whole space will receive a fresh coat of paint.

It is exciting to be part of the growth of a successful company like United Refrigeration. Thank you, United Refrigeration, for making Titus Contracting your contractor of choice! We are so pleased to be working with you on this tenant improvement and commercial remodeling project, and we cannot wait to stand with you as you show off the end results!

And if you would like more information on our tenant improvement and commercial remodeling services in the Twin Cities area, call us at 952-746-7817, or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

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