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Commercial Remodeling Specialists – Minneapolis/St Paul

Titus Contracting has been involved in many commercial remodeling, construction management and other construction projects. Our goal is always to get the job done in a timely manner and within budget. We do this by paying close attention to your needs and working with you. Titus Contracting is a business, and we know your business has to stay open in order for you to make a living.

Commercial Remodeling & Renovation

When you hire us for your commercial remodeling, you won’t be disappointed. Titus Contracting knows and understands the challenges you face, like your business having to remain open during construction. As a team, we combine our expertise and experience to effectively get the job done. We don’t look at what we do as just a job: it’s our passion.. Read More »


Construction/Project Management

Construction management consists of watching over the planning, design, construction and post-construction phases of any construction project. These practices are implemented to ensure a successful capital project. Titus Contracting is well versed in construction management and can make sure your project gets done the way you want in the time you need.. Read More »


Multi-Family/Apartment Remodeling & Additions

Struggling with vacancies? Need to add some amenities? Not competitive because the complex down the street has renovated units? We have helped others fill their buildings by quickly and professionally updating the look of their building. Let us help you!.. Read More »


Fitness Center Construction

Our capabilities can help your business pump up your clientele. Whether it’s a full remodel of an existing structure or just adding more space, Titus Contracting will have your fitness center gain the business muscle you want. Read More »


Interior Build Outs

Whether its adding another room or just making your space more functional, Titus Contracting can do whatever needs to be done for your interior build out. It’s not enough just to have a big space to work in: it needs to be designed to be both beautiful and functional. We can help you with both these aspects. Read More »


Retail Build Out / Tenant Build Out

Tenant improvements are a unique form of commercial remodeling, which take your retail or other commercial space and remodel it to fit your particular business. These projects are often done at a faster rate, as we know you’re facing opening dates and competition. We’ve been able to successfully complete a number of these projects, and we know these projects require expertise, experience, a working team and excellent communication with the client.If you need a project done speedily, Titus Contracting can deliver the results you need. We’ve helped many clients on short notice, gaining a reputation of being there when other commercial remodeling contractors have been unavailable. Read More »


Retail Remodeling

If you want to upgrade your whole look, we can help. Whether it’s lighting, signage, exterior improvements or a whole new work flow, our knowledge will help your business attract new interest. Read More »


Medical Industry Space Finish

Expanding your practice? Adding an additional location for your patients? Relocating altogether? Whether you are a chiropractor, doctor, dentist, mental health professional or physical therapist, we can help you get just the space you want without interrupting your practice. We can work with your plans or design the space with you. Read More »


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