Minneapolis Basement Remodeling: What to Ask Before You Start Basement Renovations

Basement remodeled by Titus Contracting.

Families who are looking to add more space often find the idea of basement remodeling to be attractive, especially since it will give a whole new look to an area not known for aesthetics. After all, the final result of a basement renovation turns an eerie and dank space into a gathering place for your family, or just adds additional, much need space.

However, there are few questions before you begin renovating your basement. At Titus Contracting, serving Minneapolis, we ask clients the following:

Why do you want more space?

Is to have a playroom, home gym, home theater or just to entertain? You’ll find there are a whole range of possibilities with basement remodeling projects, from spaces for the kids or a bar for the adults. The final floorplan will depend largely on how you’re planning to utilize the extra area.

What is your budget?

This is important for any home remodeling project, not just basement renovations. You need to be clear about your budget before you get started. It will direct the project’s time, and shape included features. We’ll provide you a detailed quote in writing prior to renovations to ensure any over-budget, unanticipated expenses are within reason and necessary.

What are your local building and fire codes?

Before we begin, we’ll find out what the local building and fire codes are in your area. Questions that will need answered include:

  • What is a habitable room size?
  • What ceiling size is necessary?
  • What are the codes for plumbing, electrical and HVAC work?

Additionally, we’ll need to take into consideration insulation, natural light, ventilation, stairways, smoke detectors and much more. We’ll be able to guide you through the maze of local building codes, and help you to come out successfully at the other side.

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