Advice from the Experts: Design for a Happier, More Productive Office

Is your office space currently an environment aimed at optimizing your employees’ productivity? If not, what are some ways to get there? Happy employees are the foundation to productivity. From lighting to pops of color, there are many ways to create a positive workplace. When you start seeing your workplace less as a building and more as an environment, you can begin a commercial design build for your Minneapolis business aimed at increasing both accountability and productivity.

As a company that specializes in office remodeling, we’ve helped countless business owners with their office renovations and remodels. We have a few great suggestions on how to optimize your office for getting the job done, as well as some suggestions to help you get started planning your next commercial design build.


Let There Be Light!

There have been several studies about the affects of natural light on workers. From darker spaces causing Vitamin D deficiencies to unnatural light messing with workers’ sleep patterns; there are many reasons to let the light in on your next commercial design build.

Employees need access to sunlight, and, maximizing on the natural light that enters your office with strategically placed windows or interior walls made of glass, can help increase their access to natural light. You can also strategically place solid walls so they won’t block employees’ access to daylight. There are also many options in smart lighting systems to help fend off the lack-of-light blues. When you contact us for your commercial design build, we can discuss your many lighting options and help increase your access to natural light.

Productive Pops of Color

Add an element of surprise with unexpected flourishes. Decorate your space with colorful accent walls, murals, and more to brighten your employees’ day. Drab colored walls can limit your employees’ creativity and thus decrease productivity.

At Titus Contracting, we love to incorporate these subtle elements of design in a commercial design build, knowing what a new coat of paint or accent wall can do to the dynamics of a space.

Wide Open Spaces

It’s simple. When the walls come down, productivity goes up. An open floor plan can make employees more accountable for their actions. Social media can be a terrible distraction and with the walls down, there will be less looking-over-the-shoulders and more work getting done. An open floor plan also helps increase morale, as well as in-person interactions.

These are just a few of the many ways to help increase productivity with an office remodel. Are you ready to learn more about a commercial design build for your Minneapolis business? Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or contact us for a Consultation.

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